PT Mitra Proteksi Madani

PT Mitra Proteksi Madani
Brokerage Fee Increases by 186.9 Percent

Akira Arifin Patiroi
President Director of PT Mitra Proteksi Madani

PT Mitra Proteksi Madani (MPM) has become one of the market leaders in the insurance brokerage industry in Indonesia, according to Insurance Media. Currently, the company's position of President Director is held by a man named Akira Arifin Patiroi. Based on a study conducted by the Insurance Media Research Institute (LRMA) on the financial reports for the 2021 fiscal year, out of 160 insurance brokerage companies, Mitra Proteksi Madani ranked 14th in the 2023 Insurance Media list of insurance brokerage market leaders.

The company recorded a total brokerage fee of Rp 17.92 billion in 2020, which increased by 186.94 percent to Rp 51.42 billion in 2021. This amount represents a market share of 0.76 percent of the total insurance brokerage industry's brokerage fee in 2020, which was Rp 2.35 trillion. The market share further increased to 1.87 percent in 2021 from the total insurance brokerage fee of Rp 2.73 trillion.

Another increase occurred in the company's revenue, reaching Rp 52.11 billion in 2021, up from Rp 18.27 billion in the previous year. This was accompanied by a market share increase from 0.66 percent in 2020 to 1.62 percent in 2021.

Positive growth was also observed in the net profit after tax. In 2020, the company recorded a net profit of Rp 2.32 billion, which increased to Rp 21.61 billion in 2021. Similarly, the market share reached 4.36 percent in 2021, up from the previous year's 0.54 percent.

Quoted from Media Asuransi Magazine Edition 390, July 2023, Year XLIII