PT Mitra Proteksi Madani (MPM) announce The Anti Bribery Management System Policy in accordance with Pedoman Anti Penyuapan (SMAP) as a guidance for the people that integrated with MPM (employees, stakeholders, etc), below are the details of the policies:

1. The people of the organization are NOT ALLOW to accept, asking or doing any activity that related with bribery (Cash/Wireless).
2. Through the declaration of anti-bribery with signed approval by the Board of The Director (BOD) and The Board of the Commissioner (BOC), MPM will officially committed to against bribery and using SMAP ISO 37001:2016 as the references, also this declaration will be signed by all the people of MPM as a integrity pact form.
3. The MPM Anti-Bribery Policy is integrated with gratuity control policy and the relevant rules that related with anti-bribery control from Indonesian Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK) as the reference for this policy.
4. The implementation of our Anti-Bribery Policy aligned with the company objective in terms of apply the Good Corporate Governance, below are the details :
• Optimizing company values to be more competitive in the business competition.
• Increase the company ability to survive and continue in the modern era.
• To control the business professionally.
• To support the people of the company to be more efficient and effective in terms of making a decision for an action with a good moral and obey the rules of anti-bribery law.
5. MPM will also committed to continuing the SMAP requirement and aware with the update.
6. MPM will also upgrade the SMAP awareness by launch the line for whistle blowing, awareness program, launch the SMAP training, maintain and evaluate the result of SMAP.
7. MPM will also build an SMAP task-force team through the director decree, and appoint the Risk Management division as the team that dedicate to supervise the daily activity of anti-bribery policy.
8. MPM will set the target mechanism of anti-bribery and using SMAP guidelines.
9. MPM also will set a penalty for the violation of the anti-bribery policy according to the bribery risk level, below are the penalty details:
• For the employee of MPM who did the highest violation will be terminated.
• For the business partner who did the highest violation, will be also terminated in terms of the business contract.
10. This anti-bribery policy will be implemented in all the environment of the company.
11. The anti-bribery policy implementasion si required to be socialized and documented on each division unit.